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Archive for September 2019

1st DGMK/KIT Reservoir Days

Geocosm’s Linda Bonnell and Rob Lander were among the keynote speakers for the 1st DGMK / KIT Joint Workshop RESERVOIR DAYS — Clastic Reservoir Quality, on September 2-4, 2019 in Liensweiler, Germany. OVERVIEW Reservoir quality of clastic sedimentary rocks is a function of many factors such as thermal exposure, time, tectonics, stress, detrital and authigenic…

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2nd School on Sandstone Diagenesis

Geocosm staff once again helped to teach the Second School on Sandstone Diagenesis, which was held at GeoZentrum NordBayern in Erlangen, Germany on August 26-30, 2019. The school provides Ph.D. candidates and professionals from around the world with a comprehensive overview of the processes that control sandstone diagenesis and rock properties.

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