Rock Property Prediction

Geocosm specializes in diagenetic modeling and rock property prediction.

Our technology is broadly used in the hydrocarbon industry and also is a useful tool for geothermal energy exploration and production and CO₂ sequestration.

Applications include:

  • Frontier basins:  use calibrated models for reservoirs from other basins together with basin models from the region of interest to assess reservoir quality risk in areas with little or no well data.
  • Play analysis and prospect pre-drill predictions:  use data from analog wells to calibrate model parameters prior to making predictions at specific prospects or over map regions.
  • Field development planning: use data from discovery wells to calibrate model parameters and then predict rock properties within earth models down structure to provide a unique basis for constraining injector well placement and aquifer support.

Our systems also been used to address a number of research topics in the geosciences.


Our reservoir quality, diagenesis, and rock property simulation systems are de facto industry standards.

Apply this technology to your problems by working with us on proprietary consulting projects or by joining our RQC consortium.


Our systems for reservoir property prediction build on our scientific research.

Our approach is scientifically rigorous, quantitative, reproducible, and testable. Our methods build on our expertise in sedimentary petrology, geochemistry, physics, basin modeling, artificial intelligence, and risk assessment.

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