Software systems

We can use any of Geocosm's software systems in proprietary consulting projects where we work closely with your team to solve problems.

Currently RQC members are the only entities other than Geocosm that may use our Touchstone, T>Map, T>Earth, or T>Analyze systems for commercial purposes.

Our Cyberstone and Prism2D simulators are not yet available for use outside of Geocosm.


Touchstone™ is Geocosm's flagship system for the analysis of reservoir quality data and reservoir quality prediction.

Touchstone uses state-of-the-art methods for numerical simulation, artificial intelligence, and stochastic modeling and builds on Geocosm's award winning research into controls on diagenesis and rock properties.

The system has been under continuous development since 2000.

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T>Map™ is our system for simulation of sandstone reservoir properties over map surfaces.  It incorporates Touchstone’s diagenetic and petrophysical models as well as its stochastic methods for simulating the variations in rock properties.  T>Map extends Touchstone, however, by automating the simulation of sandstone reservoir properties using burial history data from 3D basin models and by considering the spatial distributions of different sandstone types.

T>Map has benefited immeasurably from the support provided by the T>Map Consortium, which was established in 2010.

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T>Earth™ is a plugin for Schlumberger’s Petrel® system.  Like T>Map, it considers spatial variations in burial histories and facies distributions.  Unlike T>Map, it is designed to work directly with complex 3D facies distributions within Petrel earth models.

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T>Analyze™ is a data analytics system for analyzing reservoir quality measurements and Touchstone simulation results.

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Cyberstone™ is Geocosm's patented 3D Digital Sedimentary Petrology simulator.  Currently the system is used in-house for consulting projects and research activities.  (US Patent No. 10,330,658 and 10,725,012.)


Prism2D™ is Geocosm's unique simulator for quartz cementation in 2D.  Currently the system is used in-house for consulting projects and research activities.