New Textbook!

Sandstone Petrography, Petrology, and Modeling is now available from SEPM at this link:

This book, which owes its existence to Tom Taylor, who had minor assistance from Linda Bonnell and Rob Lander,

From the publisher's description:

This volume provides both an updated foundation in modern sandstone petrology and a practical guide for the petrographic analysis of sandstones.

Sandstones typically undergo enormous changes in their mechanical and fluid-flow properties from deposition through burial to the present day. Quantitative, rigorously collected petrographic data provide the best available basis for understanding the controls on these properties, which are of fundamental importance in engineering and the geosciences. For instance, sandstone reservoir characteristics are essential controls on fluid production (e.g., geothermal energy and hydrocarbons) and injection (e.g., greenhouse gases and contaminants). The spatial and temporal variations in sandstone properties are central concerns in fields such as paleohydrology, structural deformation, geomechanics, and seismology.

Methods for three types of petrographic analyses are documented in this volume: (1) modal (volume abundances of pore types and solid components), (2) grain size distribution, and (3) grain coating (an important control on quartz cement growth). Common detrital components, authigenic materials, and porosity types are reviewed and the principles of paragenetic analysis are described and illustrated. Factors affecting sandstone compaction, cementation, and replacement are considered and mechanisms for porosity reduction, preservation, and enhancement are reviewed. The volume concludes with an overview of diagenesis and rock property modeling approaches that includes a case study involving a pre-drill reservoir quality prediction.