Making fundamental scientific advances is an essential part of what we do in Geocosm.  Since the company was established in 2000, Geocosm scientists have published over 20 papers in peer reviewed journals in addition to publishing approximately 50 abstracts associated with technical presentations at scientific meetings.

Selected publications involving Geocosm scientists or simulation systems.


Geocosm scientists have won several prestigious awards:

AAPG Distinguished Lecturers (Linda Bonnell in 2005 and Rob Lander in 2015)

Wallace E. Pratt Memorial Award for best paper published in the AAPG Bulletin in 2010

2011 Author Achievement Award for best scientific paper from the Bureau of Economic Geology (part of the Jackson School of Geosciences at The University of Texas at Austin)

Best Presentation at the 2004 US Department of Energy Symposium Flow and Transport: from Pore to Reservoir Scales.

Geocosm's Rob Lander had the honor of presenting the first annual AAPG Charles Taylor Fellowship Award Lecture in Houston on February 4, 2013.


An image from one of Geocosm’s laboratory experiments made the cover of the November, 2008 AAPG Bulletin (above left) and Touchstone and T>Map simulation results appear on the cover of the August, 2010 issue (above right).

Both issues feature scientific papers from Geocosm staff and the August, 2010 issue, co-edited by Geocosm’s Rob Lander, includes papers by Shell and BP geoscientists that incorporate Touchstone modeling results.   Seven of the 10 “Notable Papers” from the AAPG Bulletin in 2010 were from this special issue on reservoir quality prediction demonstrating the importance of the topic.



In this strange time it isn’t surprising that you just want to shake something! Check out this Cyberstone simulation where we shake grains into a tighter packing arrangement.

Estimation of Geothermal Reservoir Quality by Diagenesis Modelling of Gassum Formation Sandstones


Geocosm’s Touchstone system is proving to be useful for the exploration of geothermal energy resources for RQC consortium member GEUS (Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland) as discussed in the presentation below at the 34th Nordic Geological Winter Meeting in Oslo, Norway, January, 2020. ABSTRACT Olivarius, M.1,*, Tremosa, J.2 , Mathiesen, A.1 , Weibel, R.1…

The Role of Chemistry in Fracture Pattern Development and Opportunities to Advance Interpretations of Geological Materials


Geocosm scientists are co-authors on this article that was just published in Reviews of Geophysics. The article has open access and may be downloaded using this link. Abstract Fracture pattern development has been a challenging area of research in the Earth sciences for more than 100 years. Much has been learned about the spatial and…

1st DGMK/KIT Reservoir Days


Geocosm’s Linda Bonnell and Rob Lander were among the keynote speakers for the 1st DGMK / KIT Joint Workshop RESERVOIR DAYS — Clastic Reservoir Quality, on September 2-4, 2019 in Liensweiler, Germany. OVERVIEW Reservoir quality of clastic sedimentary rocks is a function of many factors such as thermal exposure, time, tectonics, stress, detrital and authigenic…

Digital Sedimentary Petrology


Geocosm is helping to invent this nascent field, which uses a rigorous chemistry and physics based approach for simulating the properties and geologic evolution of sediments and rocks in 3D at the grain scale. In the examples below, created with our patented Cyberstone™ system, we simulate deposition, compaction, cementation, and pore-scale fluid flow.  (US Patent…

4 AAPG Notable Papers


The AAPG editorial staff has selected four articles that include Geocosm scientific research or simulation technology as Notable Papers based on citation counts three years after publication. Geocosm’s Rob Lander is a co-author of three of the papers Geocosm’s Linda Bonnell is a co-author of two of the papers. The fourth paper is authored by…

Geothermal Reservoir Quality from Diagenesis Modelling


This talk at the European Geothermal Congress 2019 by researchers at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (an RQC member organization) explores the use of Geocosm’s Touchstone system for evaluation of reservoir quality for geothermal energy. Geocosm’s Linda Bonnell also is among the authors.

Reservoir Quality and Burial Model Evaluation By Kinetic Quartz And Illite Cementation Modeling: Case Study of Rotliegendes, North Germany


This article published in the AAPG Bulletin represents part of Benjamin Busch’s Ph.D. dissertation and includes Geocosm’s Linda Bonnell and Rob Lander as co-authors. Silicate reaction kinetics provide a complementary means to other established paleothermal indicators such as organic maturation for evaluating thermal reconstructions. In this study we combine the use of an organic maturation…

Clastic Reservoir Quality Prediction Models: Past, Present, and Future


In this invited talk at the Annual AAPG Meeting, Geocosm’s Rob Lander and Linda Bonnell review the history and current state-of-the-art in reservoir quality prediction models while also discussing potential future developments. Over the past 20 years reservoir quality assessment has expanded from a focus on description to encompass process-oriented models. These models predict rock…

Controls on Reservoir Quality in Exhumed Basins: An Example from the Ordovician Sandstone, Illizi Basin, Algeria