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Making fundamental scientific advances is an essential part of what we do in Geocosm.  Since the company was established in 2000, Geocosm scientists have published over 20 papers in peer reviewed journals in addition to publishing approximately 50 abstracts associated with technical presentations at scientific meetings.

Selected publications involving Geocosm scientists or simulation systems.


Geocosm scientists have won several prestigious awards:

AAPG Distinguished Lecturers (Linda Bonnell in 2005 and Rob Lander in 2015)

Wallace E. Pratt Memorial Award for best paper published in the AAPG Bulletin in 2010

2011 Author Achievement Award for best scientific paper from the Bureau of Economic Geology (part of the Jackson School of Geosciences at The University of Texas at Austin)

Best Presentation at the 2004 US Department of Energy Symposium Flow and Transport: from Pore to Reservoir Scales.

Geocosm's Rob Lander had the honor of presenting the first annual AAPG Charles Taylor Fellowship Award Lecture in Houston on February 4, 2013.


An image from one of Geocosm’s laboratory experiments made the cover of the November, 2008 AAPG Bulletin (top left) and Touchstone and T>Map simulation results appear on the cover of the August, 2010 issue (top right).

Both issues feature scientific papers from Geocosm staff and the August, 2010 issue, co-edited by Geocosm’s Rob Lander, includes papers by Shell and BP geoscientists that incorporate Touchstone modeling results.   Seven of the 10 “Notable Papers” from the AAPG Bulletin in 2010 were from this special issue on reservoir quality prediction demonstrating the importance of the topic.

Insights Into Rates of Fracture Growth and Sealing From a Model for Quartz Cementation in Fractured Sandstones


This paper, published in the GSA Bulletin, represents the outcome of a long standing research collaboration between Geocosm and the FRAC group at the Jackson School of Geosciences at The University of Texas-Austin. Geocosm’s Prism2D model features prominently in the the paper, which may be downloaded using this link. A new model accounts for crystal growth patterns and internal textures in quartz…