Touchstone 8.2 Released


We are delighted to announce the release of version 8.2 of Touchstone, Geocosm's flagship system for prediction of the diagenesis and properties of clastic rocks.

Important new capabilities and enhancements in Touchstone 8.2 include:

  • Sorting impact on compaction: We have introduced a new compaction model option that considers the influence of depositional IGV variations on mechanical compaction under stress. When used in concert with the next option in the list, this option has led to improvements in compaction model performance in datasets with samples that have a moderate to large range in grain sorting values.
  • New IGVo options: We have incorporated new options for predicting the depositional intergranular volume (IGVo). These options include several new built-in relationships between IGVo and mean grain size and sorting based on Geocosm experimental work. Additionally, it now is possible to define customized parameters that dictate the response of IGVo to mean grain size and sorting. These parameters could be based on other experimental data. Importantly, these parameters also may be optimized in optimization runs.
  • Burial history seeker: The Burial History Seeker utility allows you to define uncertainties around a baseline burial history and to then create realizations that explore this uncertainty range. An important feature of this utility is the ability to search for realizations that meet specified criteria such as specified temperature and effective stress at specific geologic times. The utility also simulates vitrinite reflectance and can be used to generate realizations that agree with available present-day thermal indictors but explore thermal variations in the geologic past.