1st DGMK/KIT Reservoir Days

Geocosm’s Linda Bonnell and Rob Lander were among the keynote speakers for the 1st DGMK / KIT Joint Workshop RESERVOIR DAYS — Clastic Reservoir Quality, on September 2-4, 2019 in Liensweiler, Germany.


Reservoir quality of clastic sedimentary rocks is a function of many factors such as thermal exposure, time, tectonics, stress, detrital and authigenic compositions, and the fluid history including hydrocarbon formation. The integration of these datasets covering multiple temporal and spatial scales is the main focus of this workshop. The workshop also includes discussions “on the rocks” with excellent outcrops on reservoir geology along the Rhine Graben rift.

Keynotes by Robert H. Lander and Linda M. Bonnell (Geocosm LLC.) and Reinhard Gaupp (FSU Jena) will present recent advances in the 3D reservoir quality prediction modeling and an overview of reservoir quality analyses in the Upper Rhine Graben. The workshop aims to stimulate open discussions and initiate further collaborative work within DGMK.

Located between vineyards and close to the Landau oil field, the village of Leinsweiler lies between the Trifels- and Madenburg castles at the transition from the Palatine Forest to the Upper Rhine Graben rift. The region is well known for its nice textbook geology, excellent wine and good cuisine.