T>Map v. 3.3 Released

Today we released T>Map version 3.3, one of the most anticipated and important releases for the system in the past few years. Important new features include:

  • Ability to extract burial history data and simulation results from wells and interactively selected points in a Touchstone friendly format
  • Run status indicators that show:
    • when additional configuration is needed before a run may be simulated,
    • when a run is ready for simulation but lacks results,
    • when a run has results that are in synch with the current configuration, and
    • when a run has results but the configuration changed after the simulation was made
  • Estimate for remaining simulation time that is updated continuously
  • Better control over map and 3D surface rendering
  • Stoplight maps and surfaces
  • Geologic time plots and statistics time plots for well positions and interactively selected points
  • Export publication quality graphics
  • Create animations of burial history data and rock property simulation results that are linear with respect to geologic time as mp4 or avi format files

T>Map installation page (login required)

T>Map 3D surface map with predicted permeability distribution
T>Map Statistics / time plot showing permeability evolution and variability through time with a burial depth overlay for a sandstone reservoir at three well locations.
T>Map animation of permeability through geologic time for a stratigraphic surface